Conference Location & Registration

The conference will be held at the new Conference Center at UC Davis. The Conference Dinner Event will be held Sunday evening in the Walter A. Buehler Alumni Center after the Frans de Waal keynote lecture. The Buehler Center is located in the same area of campus as the Conference Center and very close to ample campus parking options.

These locations are on the south end of campus, nearest Highway 80 access, and easily accessed via Davis surface streets and bike routes, as well. Public transportation options are also available. See our Conference Transportation & Parking page for further details.

Two special activities will be off site. The Tuesday tour of the Performing Animals Welfare Society’s incredible ARK 2000 natural habitat site is in San Andreas, CA, about 80 miles from UC Davis. Ride service is included in your separate registration fee for this activity (10 AM departure from UC Davis, 4 PM return). The California Raptor Center is free and open to the public, although donations are encouraged. By registering for this activity, we ensure a guided tour of the facilities and a special introduction to the center’s work and, most importantly, to its residents! This site is on campus property but located 1.7 miles form the conference location, with no public transportation or ride service available. This is about a 30 minute walk or 7-8 minute bike ride, and there are safe pathways with minimal traffic flow, as the center is located near other campus animal science and agricultural facilities south of Highway 80.

Registration is available online via Campus Events and Services. Full price and deadline information is available at this link. Conference registration is $25 for students and $45 for faculty attendees, which includes two catered lunches, coffee, pastry & muffin breakfasts, and other refreshments throughout the event dates, as well as conference identification tags. Event dinner and other activities are separate costs. The ARK 2000 Tour registration fee includes chauffeured ride service to and from the tour location. Space is limited for this event, and registration will be on a first-come, first-serve basis up to 40 guests.

Note on food
There are options for vegan, vegetarian, and “no restrictions” meal plans on the registration page.

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