Group Members

Allison Coudert, Religious Studies
Marisol de la Cadena, Anthropology
Jeff Fort, French & Comparative Literature
Angela Harris, Law
Lynette Hart, Veterinary Medicine
Wendy Ho, Asian American Studies & Women and Gender Studies
Adrienne Martin, Spanish
Tobias Menely, English
Roberta L. Millstein, Philosophy
Parama Roy, English
Juliana Schiesari, Comparative Literature & Italian
Julie Sze, American Studies
Michael Ziser, English

Christina Ball, Veterinary Medicine
Annie Batanides, Law
Juan Camilo Cajigas, Cultural Studies
Elizabeth Crachiolo, English
Ted Geier, Comparative Literature
Alison Gerken, Veterinary Medicine
Karinna Hurley, Center for Mind & Brain
Gareth Love, French
Erin Mintline, Animal Science
Rick Morris, Philosophy
Melissa Wang, English
Christine Willie, Native American Studies

Mel Chen, Gender & Women’s Studies (UC Berkeley)
Carla Freccero, Feminist Studies, History of Consciousness, Literature (UC Santa Cruz)
Donna Haraway, History of Counsciousness (UC Santa Cruz)
Ursula Heise, English (UCLA)
Claire Jean Kim, Political Science & Asian American Studies (UC Irvine)
Marianna Norring, Veterinary Medicine & ANIWEL (University of Helsinki, UC Davis)
Margot Norris, Comparative Literature & English (UC Irvine)
Russell Samolsky, English (UC Santa Barbara)
Charis Thompson, Science & Technology Studies, Gender & Women’s Studies (UC Berkeley)
Harlan Weaver, Center for Science, Technology, Medicine & Society (UC Berkeley)

Please contact Ted Geier to request member list inclusion/removal:


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